Tea Party Decorations

Tea party decorations help you set the mood for your tea party. They can range from delicate and whimsical to elegant and sophisticated, depending on the theme and your personal preferences.

When you are planning your next tea party event, here are some popular tea party decoration ideas to consider:

Table Settings

Start by setting an enchanting table with crisp tablecloths, lace doilies, or vintage-inspired linens.

Place individually folded cloth napkins and embellish them with napkin rings or decorative bows.

tea party decorations on the table
Pastel Pink Napkins and Tablecloth by O’Lucio

Use fine china or delicate teacups and saucers with matching plates. Incorporate floral patterns, pastel hues, or elegant designs that evoke a sense of refinement. Take a look at our Shabby Chic Tea Party page for more vintage-inspired ideas.

tea party decorations
Pretty Pastel Tea Set by Gracie China


Create captivating centerpieces for your tea party tables. Fresh flowers, such as roses, daisies, or peonies, arranged in vases or teapots, add a touch of natural beauty.

Alternatively, consider using vintage teacups or teapots filled with small flower arrangements as unique and charming centerpieces.

Teacup Vases by Kate Aspen

You could also place decorative birdcages, candles, or elegant figurines as focal points. If your tea party is outdoors, we have many more ideas on our Garden Tea Party page.

Bunting and Garlands:

Hang bunting or garlands across the party area to add a festive touch. Choose pastel-coloured fabric or paper bunting adorned with floral patterns, lace, or decorative elements like teacups or teapot cutouts. Garlands made of paper flowers, ribbons, or delicate fabric can also be draped along walls, door frames, or around tables.

tea party decorations
Vintage-style Bunting by Talking Tables

Tea Party Props

Add lots of tea-related props to enhance the tea party theme. Vintage teacups, teapots, or tea party-themed accessories like miniature hats, gloves, or decorative fans can be placed as decor items. Display vintage books, antique teaware, or delicate lace parasols to add an air of nostalgia.

Mini Cake Domes by Talking Tables

Floral Arrangements

Flowers and tea parties go hand in hand. They add a fresh, bright touch to your tea party decor. Arrange bouquets of fresh flowers in vases or mason jars and place them strategically around the venue. Opt for dainty blossoms like roses, hydrangeas, or lavender.

We used Silk Hydrangeas by Florjery

You can also use floral arrangements to embellish buffet tables, dessert displays, or the entrance area.

Floral Plates By Sophistiplate

Balloons and Ribbons

Add lots of balloons and ribbons to bring a whimsical touch to your tea party. Use pastel-coloured balloons filled with helium and tied with ribbons that match the color scheme. You can create balloon bouquets or arches to enhance specific areas like the entrance or photo backdrop.

Balloon Arch by Amazon

Lace and Doilies

Lace and doilies add a touch of elegance and vintage charm to tea party decorations. Place lace doilies under teacups or plates, drape lace runners across tables, or incorporate lace-trimmed fabric in various decor elements. Ribbons, organza and lace can also adorn chair backs or as a decorative touch on napkins or favor bags.

Lace and Burlap By Arksu
Organza Chair Ribbons by BitFly
Party Favor Bags by Kate Aspen

Creative Signage

Create charming signs to direct guests or label different areas of the tea party. Use calligraphy or elegant fonts on chalkboards, vintage frames, or decorative cards. Consider signs for the tea station, dessert table, or photo booth area.

Tea Party Signs by Talking Tables
Blackboard by Rose Home Fashion

Personalized Touches

Add personalized touches to your tea party decorations to make the event unique. Consider personalized place cards, tea bag favors with customized tags, or printed menus with a special message for each guest. These personal details can make guests feel truly special and add an extra element of thoughtfulness.

What is a tea party without a fabulous hat?

Remember to consider the theme, color scheme, and overall aesthetic you want to achieve. And, of course have some fun with it!

More Vintage Tea Party Inspirations

What Style Tea Party Hat Should I Wear?

The best tea party hats are those that exude elegance, style, and a touch of whimsy. They add a charming and sophisticated element to a tea party outfit, complementing the overall look and creating a fashionable statement. We want to share some popular styles and features of tea party hats with you. To help you choose the right one.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

Wide-brimmed hats are a classic choice for tea parties. They feature a large, circular brim that provides shade while adding a touch of drama to your outfit. Wide-brimmed hats can be made from a wide range of materials, such as straw, sinamay, or organza, and can be adorned with ribbons, flowers, feathers, or delicate lace. Here are some of our favorite wide-brimmed hats.

wide-brimmed hat
Wide-Brimmed Hat by Saferin
Champagne Colored Hat by Oridor
Pink and Black Chiffon covered Hat by Go Mai


Fascinators are also a popular option for tea parties. They are smaller, decorative headpieces that are often attached to a headband or secured in your hair with clips or combs. They are known for their intricate designs, featuring feathers, flowers, netting, beads, or veils. Fascinators offer a more compact and lightweight alternative to traditional hats, allowing for greater versatility in styling and easy pairing with various hairstyles. Here are some of our favorite ones.

Navy Fascinator with feathers by Lucky Leaf
Pink Net Fascinator by Saferin
Dark blue Fascinator with Net by TSStore

Pillbox Hats

Pillbox hats are a timeless and elegant choice for a tea party hat. They have a round shape that allows them to fit snugly on the head. Pillbox hats can be decorated with bows, veils, feathers, or jewelled embellishments. They are often made from materials like wool, felt, or satin, lending a polished and sophisticated look to the wearer. Here are some of our favorite pillbox hats for this season.

Dramatic Black Net Pillbox Hat by Cizone
Butterflies and Feathers make this Pillbox hat a stunning option

Floral Hats

Tea parties often feature an abundance of flowers, and incorporating floral motifs into hat designs is a popular choice. Floral hats can be created using real or artificial flowers, arranged in a wreath-like fashion around the crown or used as accents on brims or fascinators. These hats evoke a fresh and feminine vibe, embracing the beauty of nature. Here are some of our favorite options.

Make a statement with this beautiful Magnolia Hat
Classically making a statement in this black hat

Vintage-Inspired Hats

Drawing inspiration from bygone eras, vintage-inspired hats add a nostalgic touch to a tea party outfit. Styles like cloche hats from the 1920s, picture hats or Gainsborough hats from the Edwardian era, or 1950s-inspired pillbox hats evoke a sense of timeless glamour. Vintage hats often feature intricate details, such as delicate lace, feathers, bows, or netting, and they can be found in various materials, including straw, velvet, or satin. Here are some of our favorite vintage-inspired tea party hats.

Alternatives to Tea Party Hats

For a unique touch, consider turbans, headbands or feathers as interesting alternatives to tea party hats. These can be specially chosen to match your outfit, incorporating specific colors, fabrics, or embellishments. Wear a unique alternative that perfectly reflects your style and personality, ensuring you stand out at the tea party.

Remember, the best tea party hat is one that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and captures the essence of the occasion. Whether you opt for a wide-brimmed hat, a delicate fascinator, or a vintage-inspired design, choose a hat that suits your personal style and enhances your overall tea party outfit. Enjoy!

High Tea Fashion Ideas

A Royal Tea Party

A Royal Tea Party is an elegant and formal social gathering that typically takes place in a regal setting, such as a palace, castle, or grand estate. But, with a little imagination, you can make your Royal Tea Party a refined and sophisticated affair that combines the elegance of tea traditions with the grandeur of royal hospitality.

A Royal tea Party is characterized by its refined atmosphere, exquisite tea service, and the presence of distinguished guests, including members of royal families, aristocracy, and prominent figures. Although, we will take any opportunity to pretend to be Royal, so let your guests also enjoy the Royal treatment with this fun Royal Tea Party Theme.

The Royal Setting

A Royal Tea Party can be held in a luxurious and picturesque setting, such as a beautifully decorated ballroom, a manicured garden, or a grand salon. It can also be created in a more modest location, using lavish decorations, fine china, and floral arrangements to bring the Royal touch.

Create your own Royal setting with Lavish decorations

Royal Invitations

Any Royal event begins with guests receiving elegant invitations, usually with intricate designs, calligraphy, or royal emblems. Be sure to let your guests know they are in for a Royal treat, and don’t forget to include the date, time, location, dress code, and any specific instructions.

Royally Gorgeous Invitations by Ponatia

Dress Code

A Royal Tea Party requires formal attire. Guests are expected to arrive dressed in their finest outfits, with gentlemen wearing suits or tuxedos and ladies in beautifully elegant dresses, often accompanied by hats or fascinators.

Royally Stunning in this luxury Peach Formal Dress

Tea Service

The tea service is the centrepiece of any successful Royal Tea Party. Fine china cups and saucers, delicate teapots, and silverware can be used to serve a variety of high-quality teas.

Traditional tea blends, such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or English Breakfast, are often served, along with an assortment of herbal infusions.

Coronation Tea of course!


Royal Tea Parties follow strict etiquette rules. Guests are expected to show proper manners, such as sitting upright, using the correct utensils, and engaging in polite conversation. The host or hostess leads the event, ensuring the atmosphere remains elegant and refined.


Alongside tea, an array of sweet treats and savoury delicacies are served. These may include finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, petit fours, pastries, and miniature cakes. The food is typically presented on tiered trays or elegant silver platters.

Live Entertainment

To bring the right Royal ambience, a Royal Tea Party may feature live entertainment, such as classical music performed by a chamber orchestra, a string quartet, a pianist or via speakers. The music provides a backdrop for conversation and adds to the sophistication of the event.


A Royal tea party is all about mingling, socializing, and engaging in pleasant conversations. It is the place for fostering relationships among influential individuals from various fields. As the name suggests, Royal Tea Parties often include members of royal families or distinguished individuals from the aristocracy. Their presence adds prestige and elevates the event to a higher level of exclusivity.

We hope you will enjoy creating an exquisite experience for your guests, showcasing the art of conversation, grace, and luxury in a setting fit for royalty.

Garden Tea Party Dresses

Summer is coming and we are already getting invitations to Garden Parties and Afternoon Teas! We are looking forward to the season when we can get out in the sun, enjoy the warm weather and finally see each other again.

The warmer weather and invitations have prompted us to get busy finding the best tea party dresses for garden tea parties! We have found some stunning options and look forward to sharing them with you!

Grace Karen Boat Neck Dress with Belt

We are in love with the freshness of blue and white polka dots and had to put this cute tea party dress first on our list. It is sweet, fresh and fun – and did we mention it comes in many other colors too!

Garden Tea Party Dresses

Grace Karen Boat Neck Dress with Belt

1960s Style Garden Tea party Dress

We also spotted this lovely navy and polka dot dress with the gorgeous ruffled neckline. Pop a swing style petticoat underneath to make this swing dress pop!

Maggie Tang’s 1960s Style Garden Tea party Dress

Backless Floral Dress

The swing style dress is incredibly flattering for all shapes and can be seen in many beautiful designs for garden wedding parties. We love this sweet and soft swing style dress with the floral overlay on the top. It is pretty and sweet.

Garden Tea Party Dresses

Our next pick has a longer back and a lower neckline. In beautiful navy with embroidered floral design, this dress is elegant and stylish for a day to night event.

Retro Polka Dot Swing Tea Party Dress

This lovely swing tea party dress has a gorgeous halter-neck design that shows off your shoulders and curves all at once! The larger white polka dot takes us back to the fun 1950s housewife style, so you can go full vintage with the hair and make-up in this dress.

Red Polka Dot Swing Dress

This red polka dot dress is also a fantastic 1950s design with wider straps and a gathered bust. It is slightly longer and has a small flare at the bottom. Wear it as is or add a wide petticoat underneath to show off the swing style more.

Garden Tea Party Dresses

Strapless Swing Dress

Can you tell that we are in love with polka dots this season? Now we have the 1950s pin-up style dress. This off-the-shoulder swing dress has a beautiful satin bow and ruffles around the bottom. Add a pair of high heels and some bright red lipstick and you will stand out in the crowd with this dress.

Demure Blue Party Dress

After all that va-va-voom our next pick is a demure blue and white dress with a bow at the front and ribbon panels around the waist. Floaty and sweet, this number is perfect for a simple elegant garden party dress.

The next few options are for those of you who always want something a little different. A garden party is a perfect place to bring out a fun jumpsuit. Pair it with high heels, fantastic hair and make-up and you will look stunning in these options.

Pistachio Green Wide Jumpsuit

Retro Capri Playsuit

Short Playsuit

Peach Blossom Print Wiggle Dress

After that small detour into jumpsuits, we are back to the dresses. This next one is a fabulous wiggle dress with the ruffle detail on the hip in a beautiful peach blossom print.

Retro Print Dress

The fun prints keep coming with this retro-inspired dress.

Mint Green Button Dress

Mint green and black polka dot remind us of mint chocolate ice cream, and make us want to indulge in more summer fun! This pretty 1950s inspired button-through dress with black polka dots and bows is summer fun in one outfit!

Garden Tea Party Dresses

Halter-Neck Dress

In a similar fun style this red, black and white halter-neck dress is fabulous in so many ways. It flatters most shapes and looks perfect at a garden tea party.

Pink Belted Swing Dress

We also love this pink swing dress with belt and bow. It is sweet, fun and delicious!

Pink Swing Dress

Or try this salmon pink swing dress with heart-shaped buttons and cap sleeves. This also comes in other colors.

Garden Tea Party Dresses

Checkered Wiggle Dress

One of our other favorite designs is the black and white check. This fun check dress has a great with the details of a defined bustline, wider shoulder straps, a nipped waist with belt and finally a flirty ruffled hemline. We love it.

Cherry Swing Dress

This Cherry Swing Dress goes perfectly with pink lemonade and summer garden parties. The flattering gathered bust and nipped waistline show off the swinging style of this fantastic dress. This design also comes in many color options!

Nautical Wiggle Dress

Summer garden parties are the place to wear some fun nautical styles. This navy and red wiggle dress sails into the party and makes an impact!

Gingham Check Wiggle Dress

More wiggle dress fun with this halter-neck blue gingham dress. The contrasting panels make this design super flattering!

Lobster Print Wiggle Dress

Hello summer BBQ! Sizzle in this red lobster wiggle dress with a cross-over halter neck.

Lilac Wrap Swing Dress

Pretty in Lilac and White, this fun swing dress has a lovely collar option and wrap-around design.

Show-Stopping White Dress

This show-stopping dress is pure elegance, available in a range of colors, we love love love the off-the-should detail paired with the tea-length hemline and nipped-in waist.

Our final three sweet dresses for a summer garden party caught our eye with the clever use of retro patterns in timeless designs. They are sweet, they are elegant and you will wear them again and again!

Blue and Red Vintage Print Dress

Golden Oriental Print Maxi Dress

Classic Vintage Print Dress with green trim

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Best High Tea Party Dresses

The wedding season is arriving soon, and High Tea Weddings are trending! But what does one wear to a tea party? We have you covered with the best high tea party dresses for every style!

Black and White Tea Party Dress

We start with the classic tea party dress. This 1950s style with capped sleeves and a nipped-in waist with a belt is perfect for a vintage tea party. This dress in a classic black and white print ensures you look elegant and cool.

High Tea Party Dresses - Afternoon tea dresses

We start with the classic tea party dress. This 1950s-style dress with capped sleeves and a nipped-in waist with a belt is perfect for a vintage tea party. This dress is a classic black and white print dress with a swing skirt that ensures you look elegant and cool.

Boatneck Sleeveless Tea Party Dress by Grace Karin

High Tea Party Dresses

Classic Tea-Length Pleated Dress

A tea-length pleated dress in blush pink and black is perfect to wear to a tea party wedding. This classic dress is by Sophia Yang and is available on Amazon:

For more pastels, these two beautiful swing high tea party dresses in soft pink or pale blue could be just the thing.

Swing Dresses Are Perfect for High Tea Parties

This pretty pink swing High Tea Party Dress is by GownTown

High Tea Party Dresses

This Off-the-shoulder tea-length dress in pale pink is a classic romantic look. AND it has pockets!!

Cap Sleeve Swing Dress

High Tea Party Dresses - Afternoon tea dresses

This 1950s-style Swing Party Dress is by VOGVOG and is super fun in baby blue.

Add A Tea Time Necklace

This sweet Teapot pendant necklace is perfect for adding to a fun afternoon tea outfit!

Emerald Green Swing Dress

Watch others turn green with envy when you arrive in this classic green swing dress with a matching waist bow. The higher neckline and capped sleeves make this dress perfect for a vintage tea party. This Swing Rockabilly Dress is by DressyStar

High Tea Party Dresses

Floral Tea-Length Party Dress

This Summer Tea Party Dress is everything we love about tea party weddings, fun, summery and special.

Vintage Print Swing Dress

The 1950s woman knew how to make the most of her shape in a wide swing dress or a pencil dress. This swing dress in a beautiful garden print is perfect for a summer high tea party in the sun.

High Tea Party Dresses

Vintage Rose Pencil Dress

The pencil dress style is one way to turn up the vamp and stand out in the crowd in this black and white polka dot dress with large red roses. This Vintage Pencil Wiggle Dress is by Grace Karin

High Tea Party Dresses - Afternoon tea dresses
Wiggle Dress Available here

Retro Print Swing Dress

A little bit of Marilyn is always fun at a summer tea party! we love this retro vamp dress with all the summer feels.

Black and Tan Overlay Dress

This black overlay dress is pretty for a day into an evening tea party.

Mad Man Green Wiggle Dress

Or take a cue from the women of Mad Men with this classic green off-the-shoulder dress made to hug every curve. High tea party dresses give you a chance to turn up the glam, retro style! This Green Wiggle Dress is by Belle Poque

Rockabilly Red Swing Dress

Heading back to the swing high tea party dresses the next two dresses on our list fall are perfect for a more Rockabilly style event. High hair, bright lipstick, tattoos, and killer heels go perfectly with either of these two styles.

High Tea Party Dresses

Black Cut Out Swing Dress

1950s Rockabilly Dress by Gardenwed

Retro Print Tea Dress

Or choose a more subtle retro vibe with this vintage print dress.

Elegant Tea Length Dress

Or choose a more subtle retro vibe with this elegant DKNY dress.

Tea Length Cocktail Dress

Tea-length dresses are flattering and look perfect at an afternoon tea party. These two caught our eye recently for the fun prints and classic styling that suits most shapes.

This tea-length dress is by Adrianna Pappal

High Tea Party Dresses

This lace tea-length dress is an Adrianna Pappal Dress that is popular for tea parties, weddings and afternoon teas.

Chiffon Tea Length Dress

This stunning chiffon dress is beautiful for an elegant afternoon tea wedding party.

Halter Neck Garden Print Dress

This fun halter neck dress in a Japanese blue garden print is fun and a little flirty for a great afternoon event. This Retro Halter Dress is by Dresstells

Blue and White Polka Dot Swing Dress

With this blue and white polka dot swing dress, you will be ready to party the afternoon away.

Red Tea-length Dress

The floaty skirt on this tea-length party dress is pretty and flattering.

Retro Style Silk Dress

We love the retro vibe of this silk button dress by Five Cats

Titanic Tea Party Dress

For something completely different we found these stunningly beautiful Titanic-inspired vintage tea party dresses.

High Tea Party Dresses

Titanic Tea Party Dress

For something completely different we found these stunningly beautiful Titanic-inspired vintage tea party dresses. This Titanic-Style Tea Party Dress is by Belle Poque

Alice’s Tea Party Dress

If your High Tea Party has an Alice In Wonderland theme, we have found the perfect tea party dress for you!

This Mad Hatters Tea Party Dress is by Leg Avenue

Or Wear a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Outfit

This fun little Mad Hatter shorts and jacket outfit is just the ticket!

Finally, we finish our selection of tea party dresses fit for a queen.

This violet Dress is floaty and romantic with butterfly organza.

French Tea Party Dress

This Victorian-inspired tea party dress is perfect for a French Style Tea Party.

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Best High Tea Party Wedding Dresses

Vintage High Tea Party Weddings need a special kind of dress. We have found the best high tea party wedding dresses for a vintage high tea wedding.

Lace Tea Party Dress

Classic tailoring with vintage lace and a matching satin bow make this one of the best high tea party wedding dresses. It is just beautiful for a summer high tea wedding.

Lace Tea Party Dress

Maggie Tang Swing Wedding Dress

Swing style dresses make classic high tea party wedding dresses. The folds and nipped waist accentuate your curves and shape. This gorgeous one in vintage cream is the perfect shape – it also comes in many other color options.

Bridal Tea Party Dress

This next dress is a more demure style with a round neckline and short lace sleeves. Also knee-length it swings out slightly as you walk. Very pretty for a summer garden wedding. For more volume add a pretty tulle petticoat underneath.

Pretty High Waist Dress

This pretty lace high tea party wedding dress is elegant and classy with a soft chiffon tie around the waist.

Downton Abbey Style Wedding Dress

This Downtown Abbey Style dress with an overlay of chiffon is stunningly beautiful for a classic bride at a romantic high tea party wedding.

High tea party wedding dresses
Downton Abbey Style Wedding Dress by Nataya

Lace Tea Length Wedding Dress

Now for something that is perfect for a summer garden wedding, this lace dress with nude underlay is stunning.

Classic White Swing Dress

Step out in style in this Audrey Hepburn style classic sleeveless swing dress with crossover neckline. Perfectly elegant and timeless! Audrey’s style is just perfect for high tea party wedding dresses.

Polka Dot Swing Dress

This polka dot swing dress is for the bride who wants to add a little bit of fun to a classic dress. Still in the vintage 1960 swing style with a dainty black polka dot and matching waist tie. Polka dots look incredible in high tea party wedding dresses.

Polka Dot Swing Dress by GardenWed

Knee-length Lace Dress

This beautiful full lace bridal dress with satin tie is made for elegant tea party weddings. Pair with some dainty matching gloves for a real vintage feel. You cannot go wrong with classic lace high tea party wedding dresses.

Knee-length Lace Dress by Aboawedding

1950s Style Formal Wedding Dress

If you are looking for a style icon dress, a 1950s style pencil dress with folding and waist tie makes a simple but bold statement as stunning high tea party wedding dresses.

High tea party wedding dresses
1950s Style Formal Wedding Dress by MUXXN

Vintage Tea Party Wedding Dress

This pretty swing dress is a perfect alternative high tea party wedding dress for a hot summer garden tea party wedding. It is fun, pretty and very flattering on any figure.

Sleeveless Belted Dress

This dress combines a classic shape with a bold gesture in the black overlay lace neckline. Stunning and dramatic, this dress is made for brides who know their style and are not afraid to show it.

Sleeveless Belted Dress by Babyonline

Tea Time Wedding Dress

Staying with the classic 1950s style, this dress is more modest with lace overlay and a higher neckline while losing none of the classic styling.

Rhinestone Wedding Dress

The same basic silhouette as above, but this time with a plunging neckline and shorter sleeves. Stylish with a little more on show.

Rhinestone Wedding Dress by BABYGIRLS

Rockabilly Dress

The next dress takes it further with a classic halter neck that allows you to show off your tanned shoulders and back. Go all out in this fun retro cherry print!

Rockabilly Dress by Maggie Tang

Floral Lace Wedding Dress

This vintage lace dress in silver is so perfectly elegant for a wedding afternoon tea or high tea party. Classic shaping and a full skirt ensure you will look gorgeous and feel great.

Floral Lace Wedding Dress by Dresstar

Lace Sweetheart Dress

For a more traditional bridal look, that still works perfectly in a high tea setting, try this dress with classic lace capped sleeves and a wide lace border. Beautiful for a warm summer day.

Lace Sweetheart Dress by Yuxin
High tea party wedding dresses

Tea Party Wedding Dress

With this dress, you can continue the party into the night and dance away under the stars. In a beautiful design, this lace bust cascades down to a chiffon skirt that swishes as you move.

Belted Lace Dress

High tea party wedding dresses can be as classic and elegant as you wish, while still being comfortable and cool on a hot summer day. This tea-length dress is just beautiful.

Wedding Dress With Detachable Skirt

This dress with a detachable skirt is a little more fun for a bride who wants to float through her day without a care and then party all night.

Long Sleeved dress

Classic Tea-Length Wedding Dress

We loved putting together this selection of high tea party wedding dresses. If you want more inspiration, have a look at the fun party dresses we have selected for a vintage tea party.

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The New Vintage Tea Party Book has lots of great inspiration for High Tea Party Events

The Vintage Tea Party Book has lots of great inspiration for High Tea Party Events

Classic Garden Tea Party Hats

The sun is coming out, and it is time to start thinking about our outfits for summer garden weddings, tea parties and high tea events. We know the best way to get your glam on is to turn up in head-turning Garden Tea Party hats! With the goal of looking stunning this summer, we have collated the best collection of summer garden tea party hats and headpieces. There is something for every style!

50s Vintage Pillbox Hat – A Classic Option for Garden Tea Party Hats

We love this classic pillbox style hat with an elegant veil to peek through. This range of garden tea party hats comes in more than 30 different colors – meaning you have endless options for something that compliments your dress.

Butterfly Fascinator

Whimsical summer wedding tea party to attend? Then this pretty butterfly fascinator might just take your fancy and impress the other tea party guests!

Black Side Fedora

The key to an elegant tea party look is a classic side hat, a string of pearls, gloves and a sleek silhouette dress. This black side Fedora is perfect and comes in three other great colors.

Rose Felt Pillbox Fascinator

Sometimes summer tea party weddings are in cooler locations, and this wool bow hat is perfect for a warmer afternoon tea look. – Also available in Black, Jade and Red.

Side Fascinator with Veil and Feathers

Bring some drama to the afternoon tea with this gorgeous side feather fascinator and veil!

Peacock Fascinator with veil

This stunning tea party fascinator also comes in this fantastic peacock feather version. Guaranteed to turn heads!

Pink Fascinator with veil

Demure in pink, this salmon-coloured side hat with feathers and veil is stunning in understated elegance for an afternoon tea.

Bold Derby Hat with Pearls

Or go dramatic, bold and unforgettable with this black pearl and veil combination.

Black and White Rose Derby Hat

We fell in love with this one at first sight. The bold white rose combined with black and white feathers and a black hat brimmed in white, was just stunning at a recent tea party.

Wide-Brimmed Organza Hat

For something quite different for garden tea party hats, we found this floaty wide-brimmed hat. We know this is perfect for those of you looking for a romantic summer wedding hat.

Bejewelled Headband and Veil

Simple headbands and veils are another classic option for garden tea party hats.

Vintage Rose Fascinator

Bring back the romance of vintage garden tea party hats with this rose fascinator.

Partridge Feather Pillbox Hat

We could not go past this spring green tea party hat with partridge feather and pearl. Love love love this combination for an early summer garden party.

Silver and Lilac Side Hat

The silver, subtle lilac and black of this stunning afternoon tea party hat caught our eye. And we can predict it will certainly get attention in all the right ways at a garden wedding.

Black and White Polka Dot Garden Tea Party Hats

This black and white polka dot hat adds that summer vibe to any afternoon tea party outfit.

Leopard Print PIllbox Hat and Veil

Or just go wild with this leopard print hat and veil!

Green Feather Fascinator

Classic green feathers and veil can be just perfect with a simple summer dress and will wow at a garden tea party.

garden tea party hats

Large Lace Side Hat

Black and white lace and feathers are always going to look great with any afternoon tea party outfit.

garden tea party hats

Pink Butterflies Pillbox Hat

More butterflies for the romantic summer garden tea party wedding.

garden tea party hats

Green Feather Fascinator and Veil

Cream Pillbox Hat and Veil

Go classic in cream with this lovely afternoon tea party hat.

Organza Polka Dot Wide Hat

This polka dot and pink floaty wide-brimmed garden tea party hat is perfect for keeping the sun off your face, while making a statement!

garden tea party hat

Dramatic Black Feathers and Veil

Black veil drama with a cotton summer dress makes a contrasting statement that will turn heads.

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Best Vintage Tea Party Handbags

Need the perfect handbag for that vintage tea party wedding? We have you covered. We have rounded up the very best tea party handbags, clutches, and purses for every kind of vintage tea party or high tea event.

Classic Vintage Tea Party Handbags

This floral clutch bag is a fantastic size for a classic vintage tea party.

Red with black and white polka dots is perfect for a retro glam handbag at a tea party. This classic style is gorgeous!

Or try a Vintage Handbag with a traditional clasp in fun mint green with floral and lace trim. Grandma would have loved it!

This classic black Vintage Kiss Lock Handbag is perfect for understated elegance.

When you want to make a statement this Box Evening Bag by Milisente will help you out. Beautifully designed and just the thing for a vintage tea party.

Box Evening Bag by Milisente

1920s Vintage Tea Party

A 1920’s vintage party is all about the glamour of pearls, sequins, and shimmer. Your handbag should also fabulous like this Circular Clutch by Zebrum! We love it.

Circular Clutch by Zebrum

This Barebeyond Peacock Clutch will look amazing with any flapper outfit. Don’t forget to also check out our choice of 1920s party dresses.

Barebeyond Peacock Clutch

This Bejeweled Clutch is dainty, elegant and beautifully sparkly.

An Edwardian Handbag by Ilishop is also a gorgeous option for this kind of party.

Finish your outfit with an amazing Luxury Crystal Clutch in this beautiful peacock design.

High Tea Garden Party

A summer high tea garden party calls for pretty floral dresses and cute vintage-style clutches and purses like this Vintage Company Clutch.

Or perhaps you prefer a beautiful sunny yellow bag

A gorgeous Yellow handbag to brighten your outfit

This Vintage Boho Satchel is just the ticket for a summer tea party outfit.

We are also loving this Nomad fringed bag – it’s a little bit Boho with a lot of vintage summer vibes!

This Flower Power Clutch will steal the show at any garden tea party!

vintage tea party handbags
Flower Power Clutch

We love this Opsy Daisy Beaded Clutch. The sunny daisy will look fab with any outfit at a garden tea party!

Be pretty in Pink Satin Clutch with crystal embellishments.

Elegant Afternoon Tea Party

When the event is an elegant afternoon tea party, you will want an elegant handbag to go with you. This classic Jade and Gold Clutch has our vote.

vintage tea party handbags
Jade and Gold Clutch

As does this Jade Green Velvet and Gold Metal Clutch.

Jade Green Velvet and Gold Metal Clutch

If pastel pink is more your theme, this Butterfly Clasp Clutch will work fantastically.

vintage tea party handbags
Butterfly Clasp Clutch

Or try a vintage clutch from a timeless brand.

Retro Tea Party

A retro tea party is about 1950s rock and roll. This Sourpuss Backseat Bag is perfect when paired with a rockabilly swing dress.

vintage tea party handbags
Sourpuss Backseat Bag

Or set sail with this Anchors Away Handbag by Sourpuss

vintage tea party handbags
Anchors Away Handbag by Sourpuss

We love this bright Breakfast at Tiffany’s Handbag when paired with a pencil skirt, high necked sweater and pearls.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Handbag

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Best Vintage Tea Party Handbags

Need the perfect handbag for that vintage tea party wedding? We have you covered. We have rounded up the very best tea party handbags, clutches, and purses for every kind of vintage tea party or high tea event.
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best vintage tea party shoes

Best Vintage Tea Party Shoes

We have found the best shoes for vintage high teas, afternoon tea parties or vintage tea party weddings! All guaranteed to add that extra wow factor to your outfit!
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Get more ideas for vintage tea party fashion:

Best Vintage Tea Party Shoes

We have rounded up the best vintage tea party shoes for every kind of vintage tea party. We have found the best shoes for vintage high teas, afternoon tea parties or vintage tea party weddings! All guaranteed to add that extra wow factor to your outfit!

Classic Vintage Tea Party Shoes

Classic Shaped Mary-Jane Shoes with a small heel are perfect for a vintage tea party. These nude shoes with the very vintage style teardrop cut-out are perfect.

They also come in other colors including this fabulous red and white polka dot!

For a more demure look, try these blush pink classic heels with small bows on the toes.

These Red and Black Tweed shoes are a classic choice for the perfect shoes to complete a vintage tea party outfit.

For a classic English-style vintage tea party, what could be more perfect than a pair of Oxfords? These oxford-style pumps are great.

Garden Tea Party

A garden tea party requires fun shoes that are also comfortable and won’t leave you stuck in the grass.

These floral Mary Jane Pumps are perfect for a summer garden tea party!

Or go for a classic low heel with a bow like these fab floral shoes

Sometimes you want to go with shoes that are a little different from everyone else. These fantasy Mary Jane Heels with vintage tea party design could be just the thing!

Fantasy Mary Jane Heel

We love Lilac for garden tea parties, and these Lolita Pumps in Lilac with pretty white trim and bows are fabulous!

Lolita Pumps in Lilac

Or pick a pair of classy flats like these Hot Chocolate Mary Janes in black and white.

Hot Chocolate Mary Janes

Elegant High Tea Party

When you need to up the elegance level of your footwear for a formal High Tea we have found the perfect shoes.

These Black and White Classic Pumps are classy, elegant and perfect for ladies who lunch or high tea!

Likewise, these classic pumps in black and white polka dots can add a little fun to a formal High Tea outfit.

Retro Afternoon Tea Party

Retro 1950s style Afternoon Tea Party events are fabulous for weddings, bridal showers, and birthday parties. These events are perfect for fun swing dresses as we found here. Pair any of these fun dresses with a pair of retro-styled 1950s shoes like these Jade Green Classic Vintage Shoes!

Or these beautiful Classic Blue and White Pumps

Classic Blue and White Pumps

If your style leans more towards a Rockabilly look these Lolita Pumps are perfect for you!

1920s Style Tea Party Wedding

The Great Gatsby has inspired many fantastic parties and a decadent 1920s style wedding party is one of the best. We have found the most beautiful 1920s styled shoes for this event, such as these Lace Closed Toe Shoes by JiaJia. Just beautiful with lace and pearls and a tiny kitten heel.

Lace Closed Toe Shoes by JiaJia

Or these satin classic heels also by JiaJia Shoes

We absolutely love these Elegant Sequined Kitten Heels with Ankle Strap! You will sparkle all night with these on!

Elegant Sequined Kitten Heels with Ankle Strap

If there is any time to wear gold shoes, a 1920s wedding is the time! These Rose Gold Harris Pumps are just divine with a classic 1920s dress.

Rose Gold Harris Pump

Unleash your inner flapper with these 1920s Style Gold Shoes. They are made for dancing the Charleston all night!

Victorian Tea Party

A Victorian Tea Party has all the trimmings of a perfect Downtown Abbey event. Long Victorian-style dresses, lots of lace, pearls and the perfect shoes make these events so much fun!

These Victorian Ankle Boots are just the thing for under your many layers of skirt and petticoats!

Or amp up the romance with these beautiful white Victorian Party Boots

Victorian Tea Parties are also great for a steampunk style look. It’s a little goth, a little romantic and a lot of fun. Perfect your look with these Steam Punk Style Boots

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Fall down the rabbit hole and party with Alice in Wonderland with these incredibly creative Alice in Wonderland Style Shoes.

The Queen of Hearts will have your head for these show-stoppers Harlequin Shoes!

Take a gamble on a pair of incredible shoes like these Poker Shoes. Perfect with a fun Mad Hatter Hat (we found some great hats too).

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Best Vintage Tea Party Handbags

Need the perfect handbag for that vintage tea party wedding? We have you covered. We have rounded up the very best tea party handbags, clutches, and purses for every kind of vintage tea party or high tea event.
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best vintage tea party shoes

Best Vintage Tea Party Shoes

We have found the best shoes for vintage high teas, afternoon tea parties or vintage tea party weddings! All guaranteed to add that extra wow factor to your outfit!
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Lots more Vintage Tea Party Ideas:

Spring Afternoon Tea Party

Spring comes with fresh positive energy. The sun shines brighter and the flowers are starting to bloom. After a cold winter, it is time to break out of the cocooning inside we have been doing.

Spring is when we can again sit in the sun for morning tea and dreamily think of the warm spring days ahead.

It is a great time to plan a Springtime Afternoon tea party with friends.

Set the scene with a Spring table

Invite the energy and playfulness of Spring to your morning tea with the burst of colorful nature that is all around us. Decorate the table with bunches of spring flowers – daffodils, tulips and branches of blossoms in pretty vases or jugs.

Use the inspiration of spring for your color palette. With pastel pinks, yellows, blues and greens.

Pastel Colored Table Cloths, and Napkins by Solino Home Linens

Add more pastel shades using candle sticks, flowers, placemats, plates and glasses.

Mixed Pastels Dessert Plates by BTaT
And matching pastel teacups and saucers also by BTaT
Spring-colored Tiered Serving Plates by SweeJar
Blue Wine Goblets by Yungala

Don’t be afraid to mix colors. Spring is all about a burst of fresh colors in the garden, and there is no reason why your table top cannot look the same.

Add fresh linen napkins held together by pretty napkin rings.

Pretty floral napkin rings by Getfitsoo

Bring in some more elements of spring with pretty table decorations and candles. Adding whimsical touches to the table add to the surprise of a Spring afternoon tea.

Cabbageware Plates and Dishes by Hemoton
Cherry Blossom Bowls by JulStore

Display fresh cakes and treats in a fun new way, with glass cake domes.

Large Glass Cake Stand with Dome Cover by Libbey
Small individual cake domes by Cabilock
Have some fun with fake grass placemats by ASVP Shop
Or a fun grass table runner to bring spring to the table. More info here
Sweet little gift boxes for your guests from Kate Aspen
Add a fun balloon arch to welcome guests

Food Suggestions:

Victoria Sponge Cake

Our Victoria Sponge Cake recipe is here

Cheese and Charcuterie Boards

Fill the board with cured meats such as salami, pate, and ham all sliced and ready to eat. Add crackers and bread, and multiple varieties of cheeses – cheddar, parmesan, brie, camembert and gorgonzola or English blue. Include a few bowls of pickles, jams, relishes and preserves. And finally add some walnuts, pistachios, pecans and salted almonds.

Bread slices with crumbled cheese and Harry & David Classic Recipe Pepper & Onion Relish 

Fresh Fruit – Sliced pears, apples, figs, raspberries.

Fun daisy cupcakes

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