1920s Prohibition Tea Party Style Guide

A 1920s Prohibition Tea Party is a great theme for a wedding or a bachelorette party. It is a Cocktails and Tea event that takes a cue from one of the most iconic ears in our history, the Roaring 20s! This party has all the luxury and sophistication of this fun era of Jazz, Art Deco and Gatsby-esque events. It was all about the party!

A 1920s prohibition party was held during the time when alcohol was banned but most events secretly served fabulous cocktails in teacups.

This type of party is perfect for a wedding or bachelorette party as is ultra-glamorous with a hint towards dangerous fun.

Prohibition Party Invitations

Set the style of your event with the right invitation. Consider Art Deco-styled invitations like these:

Art Deco Style Invitations

The best Prohibition parties happened in secret locations and required a password to get in. Think about using the back door of your event location and let your guests know the password on the invitation.

Setting the prohibition scene:

You will want to make the event as glamourous as possible, and a little covert.

The best prohibition parties happened in hidden locations – so consider making the entrance via the back door, in a large warehouse, out in the garden hidden away. Don’t forget to ask for the password!

Have some fabulous Jazz music on in the background

And invite guests to visit the Photobooth on the way in. You can set this up like a prison mug shot area – with mug shot signs that say Babyface, The boss, The vamp, flapper, or go for a glam backdrop to get everyone in the 1920s excessive mood. We love this classic golden age backdrop. It is large enough to create a stunning photobooth entrance to your party.

Golden 1920s Photo Backdrop

A large prohibition backdrop behind the bar table adds to the drama of this fun party theme. Continue the theme with gold and black champagne bottles.

Prohibition Backdrop

The key to creating the glam of the jazz era comes down to excess. As in Lots of feathers, Large centrepieces dripping with pearls, gold and black balloons and decorations. We love the drama of these large ostrich feathers. Display them in a tall vase as an unmissable centerpiece.

1920s prohibition party

Add some Fun Prohibition Party signs that say:

‘if the coppers turn up, we know nothing’

‘prohibition ends here, have a drink’

‘a little party never hurt anyone’ 

1920s prohibition party

Add cheeky Chalkboards with gold frames to mark the drinks area – ‘time to drink champagne and dance on the table’

We love the idea of going over the top with this theme party – so bring on the sequin table cloths!!

Sequin tablecloth

And the balloons…..

You can even decorate the chairs with pearls and feathers or sequins.

Add lots of Crystal candle holders and chandeliers, candelabras to the table. Bring in some extra glam with Gold and black tableware and matching black and gold napkins 

Use fabulous Crystal decanters to serve drinks 

And more…

Teacups – mismatching teacups are ok. Serve fresh cocktails in teapots and pour into teacups.

We love to use old fashioned Martini glasses for the bubbles.

What to wear

We have all the best outfits in our 1920s party outfit post

The style is all about flapper dresses, pearls, feathers and all that glamorous Jazz era finery

The Party Food for A 1920s prohibition party!


Stuffed mushrooms

Cold fried chicken

Open candy bar – Stocked with white and black candies in old fashioned jars

Raw oysters in shell 

Blackberry and goat cheese crostinis

Salmon mousse and crisp bread

Individual Crudites – great recipe ideas here

35 great ideas for serving guests

Shhh! The Drinks are here!


Champagne cocktails

• 1 sugar cube
• 2-3 dashes Angostura bitters
• brut champagne

Place a sugar cube in a chilled champagne flute, lash it with 2 or 3 dashes of bitters, fill the glass with brut champagne, and squeeze a lemon twist on top.

Recipe from Equire

Gin Rickeys

Mint juleps

Mint Julep Recipe – Liquor.com


Tea cocktails

Earl Grey Mar-Tea-ni liquor.com

Non-tea beverages – more great ideas here

afternoon tea drinks

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