1920s Party – What to Wear?

We have found all the best 1920s party dresses!

We have gathered our pick of the best 1920s party dresses and accessories to make sure you are ready to party with the Great Gatsby.

Fringed Flapper Dress

Classic flapper dresses were all the rage in the 1920s.
Just over the knee with lots of tassels and gold and silver trim. We love these Gatsby Style Art Deco Embellished Fringed Flapper Dress

Make everyone green with envy with this gorgeous green flapper dress.

Blue Fringed Flapper Dress

Or make a statement in bold midnight Blue

Our next pick is dramatic in pink, this 1920s-style dress is covered in sequins that will sparkle all night as you celebrate in style.

Long 1920s-style Dress

For a more formal 1920s party look, we love the look of this evening dress. This one comes in a number of colors, but we were most drawn to this blush pink.

Peacock Flapper Dress

This peacock sequined dress caught our eye immediately. The combination of silver, black and jade green stood out. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this unique dress may be just the thing you are looking for.

Black and Pink Colored Flapper Dress

Bring out the DIVA in you with this beautiful black and pink tasselled dress that will rock a 1920s party.

Short Tassel Dress

This cute shorter version of the flapper dress is flirty and fun. It is perfect for a cocktail event or for dancing all night long.

Plus-Sized Flapper Dress

Dancing the night away in a fabulous dress is something for everyone. Thats why we were excited to find this gorgeous dress that goes up to a 5XL. No limits, and no excuses – this is a dress for a party.

Don’t forget your wings

While searching out the best dresses and outfits for a fantastic 1920s party, we stumbled across these divine wings. Which amp up the drama of any of these dresses by about 1000%. We are in love with this new twist on a 1920s night.

And then bring on the 1920s party accessories….

Lace Garter

Nothing says prohibition like a miniature hipflask or gun attached to a lace garter half-hidden beneath the skirt of your dress.

Lace Garter and Hip Flask

Gun Slinger Garter

Or opt for something a little more gangsta style with this gun slinger garter. Hands-up if you are having fun!

Pearl Accessories Set

Go all out with a long string of pearls, glittery feather headband, matching earrings, feather fan and long gloves. This 1920s costume party set has everything you need to add glam and style to your dress.

Feather Fascinator

Large feather fascinators look beautiful with the 1920s-style dresses we have found. This cream colored one is just beautiful. Can we wear it every day?

Headbands with feathers, sequins, and jewels.

Headbands were popular in the roaring 20s and this one is gorgeous with geometric shapes, gold chains and black ostrich feathers.

Satin Charleston Headband

Or rock a bejewelled turban with this Satin Charleston Headband with Feather and Jewel Detail

Large Feather Fan

Keep cool while you sizzle with style with a large feather fan and the right jewellery.

Blue crystal Art Deco Pendant

If you are looking for a special piece to make your outfit stand out, while also treating yourself to something that you will enjoy beyond this one day, then this gorgeous piece could be the gift to yourself you need. Stunning blue sapphires, set in white gold sparkle in the light.

Black Lace Gloves

Gloves to the elbow in black, cream or white.

White Lace Gloves

Gangster Suit

Make sure your man is also looking fab with a cool tux and scarf or gangster-style outfit

Classic Gangster Suit

Gangster Outfit

This costume has the whole package – suit, hat, cigar, tie, pocket watch and handkerchief

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