Best Vintage Tea Party Shoes

We have rounded up the best vintage tea party shoes for every kind of vintage tea party. We have found the best shoes for vintage high teas, afternoon tea parties or vintage tea party weddings! All guaranteed to add that extra wow factor to your outfit!

Classic Vintage Tea Party Shoes

Classic Shaped Mary-Jane Shoes with a small heel are perfect for a vintage tea party. These nude shoes with the very vintage style teardrop cut-out are perfect.

They also come in other colors including this fabulous red and white polka dot!

For a more demure look, try these blush pink classic heels with small bows on the toes.

These Red and Black Tweed shoes are a classic choice for the perfect shoes to complete a vintage tea party outfit.

For a classic English-style vintage tea party, what could be more perfect than a pair of Oxfords? These oxford-style pumps are great.

Garden Tea Party

A garden tea party requires fun shoes that are also comfortable and won’t leave you stuck in the grass.

These floral Mary Jane Pumps are perfect for a summer garden tea party!

Or go for a classic low heel with a bow like these fab floral shoes

Sometimes you want to go with shoes that are a little different from everyone else. These fantasy Mary Jane Heels with vintage tea party design could be just the thing!

Fantasy Mary Jane Heel

We love Lilac for garden tea parties, and these Lolita Pumps in Lilac with pretty white trim and bows are fabulous!

Lolita Pumps in Lilac

Or pick a pair of classy flats like these Hot Chocolate Mary Janes in black and white.

Hot Chocolate Mary Janes

Elegant High Tea Party

When you need to up the elegance level of your footwear for a formal High Tea we have found the perfect shoes.

These Black and White Classic Pumps are classy, elegant and perfect for ladies who lunch or high tea!

Likewise, these classic pumps in black and white polka dots can add a little fun to a formal High Tea outfit.

Retro Afternoon Tea Party

Retro 1950s style Afternoon Tea Party events are fabulous for weddings, bridal showers, and birthday parties. These events are perfect for fun swing dresses as we found here. Pair any of these fun dresses with a pair of retro-styled 1950s shoes like these Jade Green Classic Vintage Shoes!

Or these beautiful Classic Blue and White Pumps

Classic Blue and White Pumps

If your style leans more towards a Rockabilly look these Lolita Pumps are perfect for you!

1920s Style Tea Party Wedding

The Great Gatsby has inspired many fantastic parties and a decadent 1920s style wedding party is one of the best. We have found the most beautiful 1920s styled shoes for this event, such as these Lace Closed Toe Shoes by JiaJia. Just beautiful with lace and pearls and a tiny kitten heel.

Lace Closed Toe Shoes by JiaJia

Or these satin classic heels also by JiaJia Shoes

We absolutely love these Elegant Sequined Kitten Heels with Ankle Strap! You will sparkle all night with these on!

Elegant Sequined Kitten Heels with Ankle Strap

If there is any time to wear gold shoes, a 1920s wedding is the time! These Rose Gold Harris Pumps are just divine with a classic 1920s dress.

Rose Gold Harris Pump

Unleash your inner flapper with these 1920s Style Gold Shoes. They are made for dancing the Charleston all night!

Victorian Tea Party

A Victorian Tea Party has all the trimmings of a perfect Downtown Abbey event. Long Victorian-style dresses, lots of lace, pearls and the perfect shoes make these events so much fun!

These Victorian Ankle Boots are just the thing for under your many layers of skirt and petticoats!

Or amp up the romance with these beautiful white Victorian Party Boots

Victorian Tea Parties are also great for a steampunk style look. It’s a little goth, a little romantic and a lot of fun. Perfect your look with these Steam Punk Style Boots

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Fall down the rabbit hole and party with Alice in Wonderland with these incredibly creative Alice in Wonderland Style Shoes.

The Queen of Hearts will have your head for these show-stoppers Harlequin Shoes!

Take a gamble on a pair of incredible shoes like these Poker Shoes. Perfect with a fun Mad Hatter Hat (we found some great hats too).

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