A Royal Tea Party

A Royal Tea Party

A Royal Tea Party theme is a wonderful theme to create a delightful and elegant event for a bridal shower, baby shower or classy birthday party. We have created a simple step-by-step guide to help you plan a memorable Royal Tea Party that will be the talk of the town – in the best possible way!

An official Royal Tea Party is characterized by the presence of distinguished guests, including members of royal families, aristocracy, and prominent figures. But, we will take any opportunity to pretend to be Royal, so let your guests also enjoy the Royal treatment with this fun Royal Tea Party Theme.

The Royal Setting

Choosing a beautiful venue is the first step to creating a memorable event. A Royal Tea Party is an elegant and formal social gathering. It can be hosted in a regal setting, such as a palace, castle, or grand estate. It can also be created in a more modest location, using lavish decorations, fine china, and floral arrangements to bring the Royal touch. We like to find pretty locations that a intimate and easy to decorate as you choose. Depending on the size of your party, you can create a Royal Tea Party in a lovely garden, terrace, or a well-decorated indoor space. With a little imagination, you can make your Royal Tea Party a refined and sophisticated affair that combines the elegance of tea traditions with the grandeur of royal hospitality.

Create your own Royal setting with Lavish decorations
Gorgeous Floral Decorations elevate a table to something more regal. We love these ones in gold.

Royal Invitations

Any Royal event begins with guests receiving elegant invitations, usually with intricate designs, calligraphy, or royal emblems. Be sure to let your guests know they are in for a Royal treat, and don’t forget to include the date, time, location, dress code, and any specific instructions.

Royally Gorgeous Invitations by Ponatia

Dress Code

Part of the excitement of a Royal Tea Party is seeing your guests arrive in their best outfits. So encourage guests to wear semi-formal or formal attire. Here are some general guidelines to help your guests.

For Women:

Dress or Skirt Ensemble:

A Royal Tea Party does not require long dresses. Instead, a knee-length or tea-length dress or a skirt paired with a blouse works well. We love to encourage floral patterns or pastel colors. We have lots of suggestions on our Best Tea Party Dresses Page:

Royally Stunning in this luxury Peach Formal Dress


This is the event to choose elegant accessories such as pearls, small earrings, or a delicate necklace.

Hats are an important part of this style! A beautiful hat or fascinator can add a touch of sophistication. We have all the best tea party hats in one place here:


Opt for dressy flats, low heels, or stylish pumps. You can find our best suggestions here:

best vintage tea party shoes


Depending on the formality of the event, you might consider wearing gloves, especially if they complement your outfit.

For Men:

Men should wear a Suit or Blazer to a Royal Tea Party. A well-fitted suit or a blazer paired with dress trousers in neutral colors like navy, gray, or black is the classic choice for men of style.

This Royal Blue Herring Bone Suit is a classic choice

Shirt and Tie:

Add a dress shirt with a coordinating tie. The tie can add a pop of color or complement the color scheme of your outfit.


Consider adding cufflinks, a pocket square, or a tie bar to enhance your overall look.

These classic cufflinks are the perfect choice


Select polished dress shoes that complement the color of your outfit.

Tea Service

The tea service is the centrepiece of any successful Royal Tea Party. Fine china cups and saucers, delicate teapots, and silverware can be used to serve a variety of high-quality teas.

Traditional tea blends, such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or English Breakfast, are often served, along with an assortment of herbal infusions.

Coronation Tea of course!
Royal Blend Tea by Fortnum & Mason
Earl Grey Imperial by Harney & Sons


Royal Tea Parties follow strict etiquette rules. Guests are expected to show proper manners, such as sitting upright, using the correct utensils, and engaging in polite conversation. The host or hostess leads the event, ensuring the atmosphere remains elegant and refined. Remind guests of traditional tea party etiquette, such as holding the teacup with the pinkie down and refraining from slurping. Why not consider providing etiquette lessons or hiring a professional tea sommelier to educate guests about tea traditions? This can add a fun edge to this formal type of event.

If you want some ideas about the type of manners required for a formal Royal Tea Party, you will find many in High Society Etiquette – a book written by a mother to guide her daughter through the social season.


Alongside tea, an array of sweet treats and savoury delicacies are served. These may include finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, petit fours, pastries, and miniature cakes. The food is typically presented on tiered trays or elegant silver platters.

Live Entertainment

To bring the right Royal ambience, a Royal Tea Party may feature live entertainment, such as classical music performed by a chamber orchestra, a string quartet, a pianist or via speakers. The music provides a backdrop for conversation and adds to the sophistication of the event.

Party Favors

Give your guests an extra treat with elegant party favors such as special tea bags, scented candles, or mini jars of honey. Attach a thank-you note expressing gratitude for attending the royal tea party.


Don’t forget to arrange for a professional photographer or set up a photo booth with props for guests to capture memories.

Thank You Notes

After a successful event it is elegant and kind to send personalized thank-you cards after the event, expressing appreciation for the guests’ presence and any gifts they may have brought.

We wish you all the best in creating a regal and enjoyable Royal Tea Party that will be remembered for its sophistication and charm. We hope you will enjoy this exquisite experience with your guests and finish the evening feeling like a Queen or King.

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