Love and Lace Tea Affair

Hosting a tea party in February allows you to infuse the gathering with a cozy and romantic atmosphere, especially considering Valentine’s Day. Our Love and Lace Tea Affair creates a warm and romantic atmosphere, making it a perfect theme for a February tea party. Guests can enjoy the cozy setting, delightful treats, and the company of loved ones or friends.

Love and Lace Tea Affair Invitations:

Design invitations featuring lace patterns and soft pastel colors, inviting your friends to a celebration of love and lace tea party.

Vintage Lace Invitations by the Picky Bride Store

Love and Lace Decorations

Ensure the theme of your tea affair is expressed to the full extent by adorning the space with lace tablecloths, floral arrangements, and candles. We suggest using a color palette of soft pinks, creams, and gold for a romantic ambience.

Pretty Lace Table Cloth by ARTABLE

Place small vases with fresh flowers at each table setting.

Clear bud vases by ZENS

Use heart-shaped lace doilies as placemats or under teacups for added charm.

Love and Lace Tea Selection:

A Love and Lace Tea Affair is the perfect event for serving romantic and floral teas like Rose Tea, Jasmine tea, and lavender-infused blends such as our favorite Earl Grey Lavender Tea.

Serve in delicate teacups and saucers with gold or lace patterns. See our favorite selection of tea cups here.

Add a surprising extra by providing heart-shaped tea infusers for guests to use.

Heart-Shaped Tea Infusers by BERON

As this event is based on indulgence and love, it makes sense to also serve luxurious hot chocolate with various toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, and cinnamon sticks.

Savory and Sweet, Love and Lace Menu

Serve pretty Heart-shaped sandwiches with cucumber and cream cheese or smoked salmon.

For the sweet selection, we suggest – Strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream, Red velvet cupcakes adorned with lace-patterned frosting and of course Chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Love and Lace Tea Party Favors:

Heart-shaped love potion jars filled with your personalized tea blends or sweets.

Love and Lace Tea Affair Dress Code:

We love it when guests dress for the theme. So we would suggest that guests wear romantic, lace, or vintage-inspired tea party dresses.

We wish you much enjoyment in creating your own Love and Lace Tea Affair.

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